Plan to encourage more cycling from Gold Coast to Brisbane

It could soon be possible to ride your bike all the way from the Gold Coast to Brisbane.

The State Government will begin looking into creating an iconic cycling route between the two cities as part of their newly unveiled Queensland Cycling Strategy 2017-2027. It would build on the existing, 17km Veloway 1 cycle highway that runs from Brisbane’s CBD to its south-eastern suburbs.

Extending the cycle highway to the Gold Coast, it’s believed, could increase transport, recreation, tourism and economic opportunities for the region.


Minister Steven Miles said the move was part of a broad plan to reduce congestion and pollution, and encourage us into a more active lifestyle.

“We face a lot of challenges on our journey to make cycling an attractive, comfortable and safe option for all Queenslanders,” Mr Miles said.

“We know that more than 802,000 Queenslanders ride a bike each week and 1.53 million would ride if the conditions were right.”

A feasibility study for the proposed Gold Coast to Brisbane cycling route is expected to be completed by next year.