Plane wreckage found off Byron Bay

The wreckage of a light plane that disappeared off the NSW far north coast almost three months ago has been found.

But the body of the male pilot is still missing.

The Navy was brought in to help the search off Byron Bay this week, following the crash on March 21.



A 46-year-old pilot was on board when the light plane left Lismore that afternoon, but the aircraft failed to return.

It was believed to have disappeared from radar about 6 nautical miles north east of Cape Byron.

Despite an air and water search coordinated by AMSA, the plane was not located.

NSW Water Police and divers conducted a side scan sonar search of approximately 1.5 square miles of ocean floor, however no wreckage was recovered as the ocean depths were beyond the capabilities of the equipment used by police.

A request was forwarded to the Royal Australian Navy to assist in the search.

On Thursday a Navy minesweeper was deployed to the area and just after midnight on Friday located three large pieces of wreckage in approximately 73 metres of water.

The wreckage was surveyed and filmed by the Navy and the body of the pilot was not located.

The wreckage is not expected to be salvaged.