Planned burns shroud northern Gold Coast in smoke

Residents on the northern Gold Coast have woken to the smell of smoke as a result of a number of planned burns in the area.

A large back-burning project is currently underway in the Nerang National Park and Nerang State Forest as crews try to prepare for the fire season.

The burn started on Tuesday 30 July and is expected to continue until this Friday, 16 August, weather permitting.


It’s part of the annual hazard reduction management program for parks and forests.

“These burns are being undertaken to protect life and property in the event of a wildfire,” the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service said.

Locals in Nerang, Mount Nathan, Clagiraba, Guanaba, Maudsland and Pacific Pines are being warned not to be alarmed if they see or smell smoke.

Anyone with a respriatory or other health problems are being urged to seek medical advice on the effects of smoke inhalation.

Crews have also undertaken a small back burning project near Dreamworld, in Upper Coomera, overnight.

Smoke may be seen by motorists travelling on the Pacific Motorway in the area.

We’re being encouraged to drive with caution and to conditions.

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I would like to compain – I have a friend with a son who has athsma, this smoke is making it very hard for the child to breathe. Is there anything that can be done to prevent so much smoke in our area. Universal street Oxenford.

It was bad around Arundel the other day too. My lungs ended up hurting due to the smoke even though we had all the windows closed etc. I hate the Gold Coast this time of year !

I lived in pac pines which is currently covered in smoke. I hav measured pm2.5 reading of over 250+ right in my living room. My eyes burns like crazy.

Our unit is full of smoke My hubby and I both have chest infections this is having a terrible effect on both of us I have never known it to be so bad Nd Smokey inside our residence at pac pines it is terrible we have burning eyes sore throats just from smoke Inside. Why ha it been over so long we need a break from it

When is the burn offs going to stop house fill of smoke every day. This has been going on for over a month. Not good enough with husband with asthma and I have bronchitis. We have family staying this week and the kids suffer from asthma also. Pacific Pines. There must surely be a cleaner way to do this without fires. Frustrating.

This has been going on for two months now there must be some very sick lungs out there at this point