Plans unveiled for Broadwater Marine Proposal

MASTER plans for the proposed multi-billion dollar Broadwater Marine Project were today unveiled at a series of briefings by the preferred design and delivery team, ASF Consortium, but there are still some decisions yet to be made.

ASF Consortium presented its proposal to Council during a three hour meeting on Thursday morning, highlighting the Broadwater remained the most viable location for the project.

[blockquote]”Gold Coasters can find out more information of the proposed plans at the ASF Consortium project website,“[/blockquote]


But the proposal is still to undergo a rigorous environmental assessment and approval process involving all levels of government, along with extensive community consultation, before anything – including a final location – can be locked in.

They confirmed their commitment to providing a feasible, viable and deliverable project that meets the Queensland Government and City of Gold Coast’s requirements of no risk and no cost.

The $5 billion waterfront eco-park and development proposal includes an integrated tourism project, including a cruise ship terminal to be delivered by the 2018 Commonwealth Games, hotel, marinas, waterfront parklands, commercial and residential uses.

001 Proposed Master Plan

Proposed Master Plan delivered by ASF Consortium. IMAGE: Supplied

It will also focus on the creation of an island community on Wave Break Island and also includes an Eco-Marine Park and extensive rejuvenation of The Spit.

Project Director of ASF Consortium Allan Fife said the community would still be heavily engaged in the entire design process and that today’s proposal represented the next phase in the evolution of the Gold Coast, consistent with the Council’s Economic Development Strategy.

“Our development master plan sets the stage for the revitalisation of The Spit. It provides around 20 hectares of net additional community green space and over 7km of accessible waterfront at The Spit and Wave Break Island.”

Allan Fife

ASF Project Director Allan Fife speaking at a briefing on Thursday afternoon. IMAGE: Jaydan Duck

“Significant new roads and infrastructure will also be provided to the community that would otherwise not be available, providing substantial long-term benefits.”

“It provides huge economic benefit to the region through the creation of jobs, sustainable investment and stimulation of the tourism industry,” Mr Fife said.

002 Proposed Master Plan

Proposed Master Plan delivered by ASF Consortium. IMAGE: Supplied

The proposal is expected to deliver significant economic benefits for the Gold Coast, including injecting an overall estimated $14.6 billion into the economy and increasing overnight occupancy rates by 14% meaning an additional 477,000 visitor nights on the Gold Coast each year.

A total of 30,000 direct and indirect jobs are expected to be created, including the 12,275 positions which will be available on completion.

By 2020, the project is expected to lure an average of 75 ships to the Gold Coast each year, equating to around 170,000 passengers with an average annual visitor spend of $300 million on the coast.


  • Considerable increase in community green space and publicly accessible waterfront
  • Enhancement of existing open space
  • Preservation and enhancement of Phillip Park
  • Improved pedestrian linkages and street-scaping along The Spit
  • Rejuvenation of The spit and creation of significant new recreational activities
  • Additional landscaped and accessible community green space on Wave Break Island
  • New world-class entertainment, retail and beachfront leisure activities
  • Major investment in new roads and infrastructure
  • Hospitality schools and education programs
  • Enhanced regional tourism services

Gold Coasters can find out more on proposed plans at the ASF Consortium project website.

004 Artist Impression

Artist Impression of the development proposal by ASF Consortium. IMAGE: Supplied