Plastic straws, cutlery and plates could soon be banned in Qld

Plastic straws, plates, cutlery and even coffee cups could be banned in Queensland as early as next year as part of the State Governments next phase of the war on waste.

Minister for Environment Leeanne Enoch today released the Queensland Government’s Plastic Pollution Reduction Plan, which includes a proposed ban on the single-use plastics.

“There is a growing concern amongst Queenslanders about the amount of plastic being used in everyday life,” Ms Enoch said.


“Majority of Queenslanders (seven out of ten) already take steps to reduce their use of single-use plastics, but there is always more we can do to tackle pollution.”

Ms Enoch says the Government will undertake “extensive consultation” with the community on their thoughts on the ban.

“Both government and the community need to work together and while research shows Queenslanders are on board with tackling plastics, we will consult with the community on this issue,” she said.

“This Plan is an Australian first in its scope and structure, and takes a holistic approach to the complex nature and impacts of plastic throughout its supply chain, and identifies actions that can be taken.

“One of these actions is to introduce legislation next year, subject to consultation through a Regulatory Impact Statement, to ban the supply of plastic products including plastic straws, cutlery, plates and stirrers.

It’s understood coffee cups, plastic cups and heavy-weight shopping bags could also be banned down the track.

For more information on the Plastic Pollution Reduction Plan, click here.