Plastic straws, cutlery and plates to be banned in Qld

Plastic straws, cutlery and plates will soon become a thing of the past, with the Queensland Government introducing legislation to ban single-use plastic items.

It comes after the State Government received an overwhelming response from local residents who were all for getting rid of plastics.

“In March this year, we asked Queenslanders to decide the future of single-use plastic items and we received a resounding response that was very clear,” Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef Leeanne Enoch said.


“Almost 20,000 responses were received, with 94 per cent of submissions in favour of a ban.

“That’s an overwhelming statement from communities wanting to find a positive solution to reducing plastic waste and protecting our environment.

The ban will start with straws, stirrers, cutlery and plates with the possibility of expanding to include coffee cups, polystyrene cups, take-away food containers and heavy weight plastic bags.

However, Ms Enoch confirmed the ban won’t kick in until next year, to give businesses time to find alternative options.

“The Bill allows for flexibility, with the start date for the ban to be no earlier than 1 July 2021, allowing businesses and the hospitality industry adequate time to source new products,” Ms Enoch said.

“90 per cent of submissions supported a proposed start date of 1 July 2021”.

Toby Hutcheon, Queensland Manager of Boomerang Alliance welcomed the ban.

“These items are amongst the most littered items in Queensland. According to Clean Up Australia 36 per cent of all litter in Queensland is plastic packaging,” Mr Hutcheon said.

Items such as single-use plastic straws that are part of juice box packaging have been exempt for the time being.

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Bull that they asked all Queenslanders where was my polling question for this 20,000 doesn’t represent the over 5 million people in the state redo this and ask EVERYONE

That is a very large control group representation with an overwhelming result. You’re clearly in the 6% category who is either a mindless consumer or illiterate. Too bad for you, that common sense has finally prevailed

But what are we trying to achieve in the big picture, are we just doing this to be seen to be doing something right, or are we trying to convince China, India etc that would make a difference, to change their ways, as just us doing the right thing wouldn’t change anything in the big picture

China & India? Where do you think we’ll be sourcing reusable straws from 😛

Great move, but please include banning the hectares of plastic film covering nearly everything pre-packed in Fruit & veg shops. It would only take a few examples of swimmers inhaling this invisible film into their lungs to gain public outcry and to understand what sea creatures must suffer with this menace in the oceans.

How about banning balloons also they too cause horrendous damage to sea creatures and birds. There is absolutely no sensible reason to have them !!

Yet more restrictions, controls, rules and regulations! We really ARE becoming a socialist Nanny State, aren’t we!

I really don’t see this as possible but nice effort. Are you trying to kill takeaway? What about getting a fork at McDonald’s or any other restaurant?

Before we had plastic knives and forks we used Baltic Birch – like paddle pop stick – for cutlery. Straws were a waxed paper … plastic was just cheaper to use. McDonalds used to wrap their burgers in polystyrene boxes, then the world complained and they switched back to paper products. Removing plastic wherever possible does more for our planet than most would realise.

Why has no one invented a bio degradable dog poo bag? Australia has approximately 4.8million pet dogs all pooping at least once per day. That’s a lot of plastic bags. And why are the tips of cigarettes (the filters) made of a type of plastic that can take up between 18months and 10 years to decompose? Surely manufacturers have a role to play in this.

Balloons should also be banned