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Who is sick of polls?

Who is sick of surveys?


Who is sick of polls, surveys, audits, reviews or anything else that asks you for personal information or your opinion on something?

Every time you click on a website these days it seems someone is asking you to spend just 20 minutes of your time filling out a survey for them.

“You are important to us. Please fill out the following survey so we can serve you better.”

Website surveys, telephone polls and even council mail-outs are in plague proportions, demanding we give them more and more of our precious time for free.

They don’t even offer you a discount or an entry in a competition yet they expect you to give up your free time to help them do their job.

Hey, if you want 20 minutes of my time I’ll bloody invoice you for it.

Some, I am sure, genuinely use the information they gather to better serve us.

Others, I suspect, are using surveys as a marketing tool or, even worse, to try to look like they really care about what we want but always intend to ignore the findings anyway.

I’m looking at you Queensland Government.

How much longer do we have to put up with being bombarded by those Strong Choices TV, newspaper and radio ads?

The promotion of the Newman Government’s ‘survey’ – which is really trying to convince us they really do need to sell everything that is not nailed down – is costing us $6 million.

They could have halved that by just laying off some of the ads.

Anyone with the slightest interest has already filled out the survey.

And if we have not been beguiled by the message they want us to swallow by now, then we never will be.

Then there are the almost daily polls about the public standing of the state and federal political parties.

Only political reporters and people on Twitter actually care.

But the only thing more annoying than being phoned and asked who you vote for is when they decide you don’t fit the demographic they are after and hang up.



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