Plenty of interest in emailed rego reminders

There has been a fair bit of interest in new services which encourage us to  sign up for email reminders and upcoming registration payments and transport matters.

More than 2300 Queenslanders have already said ‘yes’ they want free e-notices and e-reminders in the first month since the service was introduced in June, allowing customers to receive Transport and Main Roads (TMR) correspondence by email.

Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the new services offer greater choice and flexibility to customers in deciding how they want to receive information and correspondence from TMR.


“Customers can now choose to receive e-notices, so their Vehicle Registration Notice (VRN) will be emailed instead of sent by post,” Mr Bailey said.

“People who use this feature will get instant access to their VRN once issued, which means a longer notice period.

“This reduces the risk of missing payment due date if mail is lost or misplaced.”

Customers can also receive registration certificates by email, making it easier to manage and store the information.

In addition to notices, customers can sign up to receive email reminders for several services and bookings.

Mr Bailey said the free e-reminder service sends automated reminders about upcoming driver licence renewals, vehicle inspection bookings, driving test appointments, infringement notice payments and expiring Certificates of Inspection.

“Customers who are eligible for Hazard Perception Tests will also be emailed a reminder, as well as those who have been issued with an Accumulation of Demerit Points Notice,” he said.

“It takes the pressure off people trying to keep track of their upcoming due payments and appointments, by offering a free, convenient and secure reminder service.”

Mr Bailey said a new online registration transfer rollout is also set to begin progressively across the state from August 1.

“This new tool will help those who have trouble finding the time to visit the service to complete the proper paperwork when selling a car, boat or trailer privately,” he said.

“By visiting a participating Approved Inspection Station, customers will soon be able to receive an electronic safety certificate which will be automatically lodged with TMR and allow them to transfer registration of a vehicle online.

“The registration transfer online service will also enable customers to quickly and easily transfer registration for vessels, which do not require an electronic safety certificate.

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