PM accused of M1 snub ahead of the Gold Coast Comm Games

The Prime Minister has been accused of snubbing the M1 delegation yet again.

Queensland Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said Malcolm Turnbull is ignoring the critical M1 funding issue after touching down in Brisbane for the LNP get together on Saturday.

Minister Bailey said it was extremely disappointing that Malcolm Turnbull would come to Queensland for the LNP State Convention but not meet with the M1 delegation or even raise the issue to his party colleagues.


“The Turnbull Government is still giving the delegation which includes myself, Gold Coast and Logan Mayors, the RACQ, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland and the Queensland Trucking Association the run around six weeks after they wrote to the Prime Minister requesting a meeting.

“That was met with the Prime Minister passing the buck to his Assistant Minister who then palmed us off to Federal Minister Darren Chester who then punted us to Federal Minister Paul Fletcher,” he said.

“Like being stuck in an M1 traffic jam, we’re still waiting to discuss the $430 million upgrades to the M1 at the Gateway merge (M3) and Mudgeeraba and Varsity Lakes using the appropriate federal 80:20 funding split under their own announced funding rules.

“The M1 delegation all agreed, that the Federal Government should honour their own funding model of an 80:20 split, exactly the same funding model they use on the same road just across the border in New South Wales.

“The M1 is the highest trafficked road in Queensland and is a highway of national significance.

“The M1 is part of the Federal Government’s National Land Transport Network which only two years ago in 2014 the Abbott-Turnbull Government confirmed the traditional 80:20 funding split for road and rail projects under this network in writing.

“80:20 is the formula used right now for the National Land Transport Network including Bruce and Warrego Highways, the Gateway Arterial North six laning (SIC) upgrade and for upgrades on the M1 itself just across the border in NSW.

“Yet, the Federal Government insists on ripping off South East Queensland with an unfair 50:50 split funding offer.

“Regrettably, the sitting Gold Coast and Logan LNP MPs, both Federal and State, have been ineffective in delivering real infrastructure funding for their communities. They have no influence on their Canberra colleagues who short-changed M1 motorists.

“I call on the LNP conference members this weekend to put the M1 at the top of the agenda and to start supporting Queenslanders for the same funding formula as just across the border in New South Wales.”

Recently Commonwealth Games Committee Chairman Peter Beattie admitted the shooters and cyclists competing at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in 2018 may have to stay close to their host venues in Brisbane to avoid the M1 gridlock.