PM blasts claims he has ‘blood on his hands’ over India travel ban

PRIME Minister Scott Morrison has labelled claims he has blood on his hands over the India travel ban as “absurd”.

There has been some criticism surrounding the federal government’s decision to block stranded Australians in India from coming back home until at least May 15 due to the rising COVID crisis in the country.

Former Test cricketer Michael Slater, who is trying to return home from India where he has been commentating, has been the strongest critic of all, launching a scathing attack on Twitter overnight.


“If our government cared for the safety of Aussies they would allow us to get home. It’s a disgrace!!” Slater tweeted.

“Blood on your hands PM. How dare you treat us like this.”

Mr Morrison was asked about Mr Slater’s comments on the Nine Network on Tuesday morning.

“No, that’s obviously absurd,” he told The Today Show.

“This is about getting more people home safely, preventing a third wave here in Australia.

“Frankly, if we had not put these measures in place and we saw the rates of increase of the virus coming through on these flights, putting stress on our quarantine system, breaking out across the country and seeing a third wave, then equally you would have told me, pretty bluntly I suspect, that I’d failed Australia.”

Anyone who tries to defy the travel ban has been threatened with up to $66,000 in fines and five years in jail.

But the Prime Minister insists that’s highly unlikely.

“The likelihood of any sanction, anything like that is extremely remote,” he said.

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What a sook Michael is. Don’t blame the Australian government. For those that chose to leave Australia during this pandemic, they were all aware that the return to Australia rules could change while they were overseas. As for some channel 9 “celebrities” putting the boot into the PM, shame. It may be selfish of me, but I don’t want to go into lock down again. Keep Australia running while assisting the countries that are struggling. Is Michael big enough to join the back of the line of the of all the people that want to come back from India?

Slater, you’re a rich, spoiled goose. I had no respect for your comments as soon as I saw you were slumming it in The Maldives whilst waiting to come home.