PM calls for parole reform in the wake of Brighton terror attack

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has questioned why a terrorist, responsible for a deadly siege in Melbourne overnight, was out on parole.

Authorities revealed on Tuesday morning that the man behind the attack, which left one man dead and three police officers injured, was long-time criminal Yacqub Khayre.

He was later shot dead during a shootout with police.


The Somalian-born 29-year-old was only just released from prison in November, after serving time over a violent burglary in 2012.

During his incarceration, he is also said to have set fire to the prison.

Khayre also spent 16 months on remand before being acquitted of the 2009 Holsworthy army barracks terror plot in Sydney.

Mr Turnbull, holding a press conference in Canberra, repeatedly queried how the known violent offender was out on parole.

“He had a long record of violence. A very long record of violence,” he told reporters.

“He had been charged with a terrorist offence some years ago and had been acquitted. He was known to have connections, at least in the past, with violent extremism.

“More investigations and explanations will be given but it is plainly – it is very hard, I think – to understand why he was released on parole given the nature of his record and the nature of his offence,” he said.



Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said Khayre  could not get parole when his minimum sentence of three years was served because of “terrible behaviour” in prison.

He was granted parole in November last year – four-and-a-half years into his five-and-a-half year sentence.

“(Since then) he’s been compliant, including drug tests, attending appointments and observing a curfew,” Mr Andrews told reporters on Tuesday.

“As with all these matters though, we’ll look at each and every element of the act and if there are learnings and improvements that can be made, we stand ready to do that.”

Victorian Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton admitted “there was nothing wrong with his parole until yesterday.”