PM flags extension to international travel bubble, but Qld may miss out

Talks are underway to extend Australia’s international travel bubble to other countries, but Queenslanders may miss out.

It comes as we prepare to welcome visitors from New Zealand this week as part of the first stage of the bubble.

Those from across the Tasman will be able to travel to NSW, the ACT, and the Northern Territory without going into quarantine.


However, it appears they may not be the only country part of the bubble for long, with the Prime Minister confirming he has been in talks with other leaders in the Pacific.

South Korea, Japan and Singapore are among the next destinations that could be on the cards.

Scott Morrison said those countries appear to be fairing quite well with containing the virus and are considered safe.

Although he did warn that “we have to go cautiously on this, very, very cautiously,” Mr Morrison said.

“Covid-19 hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s still there and it is no less aggressive today than it was six months ago.”

While the news is promising, those in Queensland are being told not to get their hopes up.

“The reason they won’t be able to come to Queensland is because there is still a requirement for them to quarantine for two weeks in Queensland,” Mr Morrison said.

“When that is no longer necessary, great, I think it will be tremendous for the Queensland economy.”


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What about Qlders visiting NZ? My daughter’s getting married next year and won’t marry unless I can attend, being mother of one of the brides.

I’m with you there. There are thousand of people who live in Qld who have elderly and sick parents, granchildren, etc in NZ. We are one of the more Covid free regions so no reason for not opening the trans tasman bubble from Brisbane. This is nothing more that the PM acting like a spoiled brat playing a nasty game because he could not get his own way with the border openings. I think many Queenslanders would be prepared to do the quarantine if it meant they could see their families before its too late. In the UK people are traveling abroad on holiday, prepared to do the quarantine when they return. No reason why we cannot do that here.

It has nothing to do with the PM re Queensland, it’s our Premier that is stopping it.

Not true, PM playing politics with the virus AGAIN. NZ with no cases would be allowed into QLD but PM is annoyed because we won’t let NSW in yet, so he says no to NZ-QLD bubble. And he gets the added bonus of making it look like it’s the Premiers fault before the election. Simple partisan politics 101.

How about China? Both my parents live there, and China has only few cases now. I just hope this whole travel bubble thing will be base on scientific reason not politically.

Last edited 8 months ago by Xue Kang

I totally believe the stats out of China!
Shaving peoples heads, supplying them comfortable uniforms and keeping them safe if re-education camps is believable also….

We have nothing to do with our government. Ccp doesn’t represent Chinese people, and aren’t you from a free world, don’t you know there is a thing called free well? people who hate China can stay away from it, but for us Chinese, we still have family members live overseas and we have the right to visit them, don’t you agree? Or you think we should be banned to go to China because people like you who hate china. if that’s what you think then you are not much different from CCP.

Are you r****ed the virus is from China. Only a moron would make this comment in the hope to created further discussion chaos. Stop your internet trolling get off job seeker and go back to work.

travel bubble should be created base on science and compassion. What ccp did has nothing to do with its people, are you saying Chinese people are not allowed to see their love ones because their government, please grow some brain and heart.

Nationalism is poisoning the world during COVID, you at one example of it. I pity you.

this is not about politics, it’s about humanity. What ccp did has nothing to do with its people, are you saying Chinese people are not allowed to see their love ones because their government, please educate yourself, don’t be a brainless Nationalist!

The simple fact is that your CCP government has lied about it’s Covid data from day one and cannot be trusted to provide accurate numbers, so that in itself is the reason why you won’t be seeing your parents. If China is so great, then why are you in Australia? Your government is the reason why you cannot see your parents, so take a look at yourself and have a think as to why you are in another country and what that involves.

Hope New Caledonia and The cook Islands are part of the bubble! Queensland is a beautiful state and can’t wait to go to the Great Barrier Reef. We all deserve a holiday very soon!

Fiji should b in the talk along with samoa and tonga they have had next to no cases n recovered quickly and are nations that only survive on tourism


Last edited 8 months ago by Anne

What bout vietnam and cambodia who have had way less cases than bloody japan and singapore and what bout all the other countries that have not many what bout them or is this just scumos dictatorship, only allowed to go to where this clown wants. Damm his full of s***.

Maybe they aren’t interested.

Fairing well? Journalism Graduate?

Any updates on NZ travel (quarantine free) into QLD?