PM pushes for boat people to never be settled in Australia

Malcolm Turnbull’s confirmed the Coalition’s hardline stance on asylum seekers arriving in Australia on boats.

The Prime Minister confirmed to reporters in Sydney on Sunday, the Federal Government will press ahead with plans to make sure they do not settle in Australia.

“Today I’m announcing that the Government will introduce legislation in the next Parliamentary sitting week to amend the Migration Act to prevent irregular maritime arrivals taken to a regional processing country from making a valid application for an Australian visa” Mr Turnbull said.


“It depends on us sending a united and concerted answer to the people smugglers, that if they seek to bring people to Australia, those passengers will never settle in this country.

“That absolutely unflinching, unequivocal message has to be loud and clear,” the PM added.

“The door to Australia is closed to those who seek to come here by boat with a people smuggler. It is closed.”

“As of today, asylum seekers who come here by boat without a visa will never be settled in Australia.”

The law will be backdated to include anyone sent to a regional processing centre since July 19 2013 – including all genuine refugees.

That is the date former PM Kevin Rudd declared asylum seekers that come to Australia by boat without a visa will never be settled in Australia.

Asylum seekers aged under 18 at the time they were sent to Nauru or Manus Island would not be affected by this change.

“There are still people, advocates in Australia and elsewhere, who are messaging to people on Nauru and Manus, that at some stage you’ll come to Australia,” Mr Dutton said.

“Those people are living in false hope and it cannot continue.”

Mr Turnbull has indicated he is confident Opposition Leader Bill Shorten will support the move.