PM pushing for tough new terror laws

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is looking for the support of state and territory leaders as he pushes for tough new laws on terrorism to be introduced.

Negotiations between state and federal governments about a facial recognition scanning database will continue in Canberra today, as well as discussions on three other proposed changes.

These include making it illegal to be in the possession of terrorist instruction material and implementing tougher laws against terrorism hoaxes.


Malcolm Turnbull wants to give police across the country the ability to hold and question terror suspects without charge for up to a fortnight.

“We need nationally consistent pre-charge detention laws so that those who seek to do us harm can be held to account no matter where they are,” he said

The change would follow the New South Wales model, which allows police to lock up suspects for 14 days.

Currently, most states and territories only allow police to hold terrorism suspects for a week.