PM to join Qld election campaign on the Gold Coast

PRIME Minister Scott Morrison is expected to visit the Gold Coast today as he tries to boost the LNP’s election hopes ahead of the October 31 poll.

Mr Morrison will likely campaign alongside Queensland Opposition leader Deb Frecklington on the Gold Coast and Brisbane on Saturday morning.

His popularity with Queensland voters will help Ms Frecklington, who was trailing behind Annastacia Palaszczuk in the most recent opinion poll.


However, the border drama is more than certainly expected to dominate discussions after Premier Palaszczuk made it clear she was not going to budget on her stance on re-opening the border to New South Wales.

The Premier has been engaging in a war of words with her NSW counterpart Gladys Berejiklian this week over the requirement of 28 days without a case of community transmission of COVID-19.

Mr Morrison has made it clear is against the border closure to NSW, arguing it’s damaging the economy and causing unnecessary hardships for families.

Ms Palaszczuk is also expected to be in the south east after spending much of the week campaigning in north Queensland.

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Serve it up to Anastasia , Scottie! Queenslanders are being taken for fools by this arrogant, ego driven, compassionless dictator, she’s got to go before Qld’s economy is in ruins, she’ll be begging for Federal Govt funding when she has bought Qld’s economy undone.
Her dictatorship has to be stopped.

Well the PM hasn’t exactly been covering himself in glory Anna has kept Qld safe and after the last LNP state govt and the 30,000 jobs that were cut i wouldn’t trust them Campbell Newman may no longer front the LNP but people still remember their catastrophic handling of jobs.

So which hotel has he been in lockdown?

There is no border restriction between Canberra and Qld as long you have been in Canberra for 14 days.

scotty from marketing should b*** the f out of queensland and attend the pandemic and the abysmal state of the economy, i wouldn’t trust this clown to manage a household budget let alone have him to tell us how qld should be run. Palaszczuk has done a great job keeping the virus south of the border