PM to meet with tech giants over policing extreme content

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is expected to meet with tech giant representatives today, to discuss news laws around the distribution of violent content on social media.

It comes after social media companies were criticised for taking too long to take down footage of the Christchurch terror attacks.

The Federal Government is now considering changes to the privacy act to make it a criminal offence to leave the violent material on their sites.


Under the proposed changes, tech companies could face penalties of more than four times the current penalty, for breaching privacy laws.

In a meeting in Brisbane today, Mr Morrison is expected to ask tech executives what is being done to ensure the violent footage of the attacks doesn’t continue to spread online, and what action the government will take if they don’t think enough is being done.

The meeting comes less than a fortnight after the horrific Christchurch attacks, which tragically killed 50 people and injured just as many.

The gunman live streamed the terror attack to social media.