PM’s advice to Australians to manage Omicron spread ahead of Christmas

Australians are being told to take their health into their own hands in the lead up to Christmas, as authorities prepare to discuss new measures to deal with the rapid spread of Omicron.

There have been mounting calls for governments to increase restrictions such as mask mandates and QR check ins, particularly in New South Wales where more than 3,000 cases were reported today.

The Prime Minister has called an emergency meeting of state and territory leaders for tomorrow, where they’re expected to consider further measures.


But today his message for Australians, particularly the younger generation, is to take their health into their own hands.

“Omicron is moving substantially amongst the younger population. They are at parties, night clubs, hospitality venues,” Mr Morrison said at a press conference on Tuesday morning.

“I would encourage them, particularly if they’re going to spend time at Christmas with older family members, you want to give that big night out a miss, particularly if you’re going to see one of your elderly relatives over Christmas or exercise greater precautions around them.

“Australians don’t have to be told by governments how to live,” the Prime Minister went on to say.

“Australians are responsible people who care about their own health, whether it’s sun smart behaviour or COVID, or any other element of their health and they really care about those they
love and they care about their communities.

“One of the biggest lessons that were reinforced during the COVID pandemic is you want to put a bet on the best way to deal with a crisis, you bet on Australians and that’s what we have done.

“And that’s what we’ve done,” Mr Morrison said.

Scott Morrison says tomorrow’s National Cabinet meeting will also have an update on when Australia can move into phase D of the national pathway out of coronavirus.

Currently, we’re in phase C now that the country is 80 percent fully vaccinated.

It means we should only be having highly targeted lockdowns only, continue the vaccine boosters, exempt vaccinated residents from domestic restrictions, abolish caps on returning vaccinated Australians and lift all restrictions on outbound travel for vaccinated Australians.

Despite Australia now being at the 90 percent double dose mark, the Prime Minister says we’re not quite ready to enter phase four.

“We’re not there yet, no,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

“We will have a discussion about that tomorrow because I commissioned some work on phase D at the last meeting to see what thresholds were necessary to be able to move into that phase and some states will move into that phase sooner than others.

“But at this point, Omicron means we are in phrase C and that will continue.

“You know in phase C there remains sensible, low level public health social measures that are in place but I want to reinforce the point I was making before.

“We have to carry the Australian public with us.

“To carry them with us we have to continue to trust them and to trust them, that means trusting them to be responsible with their own health, has they have to get vaccinated, to exercise a common sense public health practice,” Mr Morrison said.