PNG walk to help cut depression in construction

THE Construction industry is a major employer on the Gold coast, but sadly it is not a reliable sector for workers..

Ray Abifares from mates in construction said the suicide rates in their industry are startling.

He said “every second day a construction worker in the industry takes their life”.


Mr Abifares said some of the major issues include bullying and a lack of job security is a big thing ” if you’re on the top of the pyramid it’s but when you’re those temporary hired guys, which is most of them on a construction site, then job security’s a big issue – you never know you could lose a job with one day’s notice”.

“We’ve presented to over 80 thousand workers but there’s actually a-million out there and the more money we get the more field officers, case managers that we can train up to get out there and help” Mr Abifares said.

Ray is part of a crew, which left for PNG on Friday, to walk the Kokoda track to raise awareness and money for the cause.

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He said people in the sector face a variety of “stressors” he said when a job ends people are quickly saying “yes to whatever they can, never having a break so that stress builds up”.

“The relationship pressures, the long hours – that’s just in ordinary construction, throw that FIFO extra bit in there and there’s a lot of issues going on out there for those guys as well”.

Mr Abifares questions too why big companies are not jumping on this information and going “hey wow who would have thought happy workers are better workers, throwing their dollars down and actually doing them a favour”.

During their time in PNG the group will pause on National Suicide Prevention Day on September 10.

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