Pokemon reset results in massive No-Go

Pokemon Go users are bemoaning a global meltdown as an app upgrade strips their progress and resets their hard-won gains to zero.

Frantic users, some of them in tears, are complaining of losing weeks of work on the weekend after installing the iOS and Android update of the game, which reset the entire game to level one.

Many are demanding refunds for the money it’s cost them while others are frantically searching for a way to reverse the upgrade.


Jenalee Solomon told TheTelegraph.co.uk she lost her Pokemon and all the money she put into the game.

And Nikki Peele said the reset brought her to tears.

“I lost everything, I was level 14 and I had just caught charmander today. *actually crying*”

Some have suggested using an alternative email to sign in and one Twitter used claimed success by logging out of Google in Safari on iOS nad logging in again in the Pokemon app.

It’s believed Pokemon Go is attracting around 9.5 million active users each day.

In London three teens were robbed of their expensive mobile phones at gunpoint while playing Pokemon Go in a park a few days ago and a lifeboat had to be scrambled after two young girls waded into rough seas trying to catch Pokemon on Wednesday evening, The Telegraph reported.