POLAIR to remain on the Gold Coast as relocation claims rejected

The State Government has reaffirmed the Police helicopter will remain based on the Gold Coast, following speculation of a move to Brisbane.

Bonney MP Sam O’Connor pressured the Government to come clean after claims of a “secret report” which recommended POLAIR be relocated from its Carrara base to Archerfield Airport.

“POLAIR is an important resource for our local police officers and it should continue to be based on the Gold Coast,” Mr O’Connor said.


“I’m concerned about the impact moving it to Brisbane could have. The extra flight time means a delayed response to incidents that are often fast-moving.”

Mr O’Connor had a Freedom of Information Request rejected while the Premier was accused of dodging a question on POLAIR’s future in State Parliament last week.

But Police Minister Mark Ryan and Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll have rejected the claims of a possible relocation, describing it as “misinformation”.

“Despite the Minister and the Queensland Police Service confirming last week that POLAIR is not leaving the Gold Coast claims to the contrary continue to be made,” Mr Ryan said in a statement.

“POLAIR is staying on the Gold Coast, it’s not going anywhere.”

Commissioner Carroll said POLAIR was an invaluable resource for police on the Gold Coast.

“The POLAIR capability has proved time and time again that it plays a vital role in supporting community safety,” Commissioner Carroll said.

“I can assure the Gold Coast community POLAIR is staying on the Gold Coast.”

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