Police and Energex on the hunt for serial Gold Coast cable thieves

Queensland Police are investigating a spate of Energex equipment robberies across the Gold Coast in recent months.

It’s understood copper cables, used as earth wires, have been stolen from a number of Energex poles in the Burleigh and Southport areas.

Energex Area Manager for the Gold Coast Stuart Marsh said the illegal activity not only endangers the lives of the thieves but the local community as well.


“Stealing cabling from live electrical equipment poses imminent danger of killing those performing the act and has potential safety implications for the surrounding community,” he said.

“Earth wires are an imperative safety feature of our infrastructure and those caught stealing or attempting to sell the metal as scraps will be dealt with by police.”

Energex says the copper cables play a “vital role in ensuring community safety during storms” by safely redirecting lightning into the ground and for network protection to operate.

“Our cables are identifiable products and we hold relationships with scrapyard owners who recognise and alert both Energex and authorities to those attempting to sell the product,” Mr Marsh warned.

Police are urging anyone who sees the criminal activity take place, or comes into contact with the cable, to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 immediately.

“This activity is illegal, poses a serious threat to community health and safety, and will not be tolerated,” Mr Marsh said.