Police appalled with Gold Coast drink drivers

POLICE say they are appalled by the number of drink drivers detected during a weekend blitz on the Gold Coast.

Out of more than 2800 random breath tests conducted across the Palm Beach area during the weekend traffic operation, codenamed Lima Sled, 20 drivers were detected drink-driving

Six out of 70 drivers tested for drugs returned a positive reading.


Police said one driver recorded a blood-alcohol level of .205 per cent, four times the legal limit.

Gold Coast District Crime and Support Services Superintendent Ben Hanbidge said that the results were disappointing.

“This is just stupidity, and follows a number of other high-range drink drivers recently involved in serious crashes,” Superintendent Hanbidge said.

“Not only are these irresponsible drivers putting their own lives at risk but also the lives of all road users.

“Police will continue to be out in force detecting life endangering driving practices like this which is unacceptable by anyone’s standard.”

Sixty drivers were issued with Traffic Infringement Notices and one vehicle was also impounded during the three-day operation.

Police say Gold Coast motorists can expect to see further large random alcohol and drug testing operations in the coming months.