Police to be armed with ‘drone guns’ during the Commonwealth Games

POLICE will be able to shoot drones out of the sky with high-tech ‘drone guns’ during the Commonwealth Games.

Drone users have been urged to keep their unmanned flying devices at home during the April sporting event, when much of the city’s airspace will be off limits.

According to 7 News, the Queensland Police Service is considering arming a number of its officers with advanced drone ‘guns’ during the Games to help remove drones from restricted areas.


When aimed and fixed on a drone, the ‘guns’ jam the wireless radio and GPS signals being used to guide it.

This allows police and security agencies to take control of the flying camera and force it back to the ground.

The jammers usually cause the drone to follow its ‘lost link protocol’, forcing it into an immediate controlled vertical landing or prompting it to fly back to its take-off point.

If given the green light, it’s understood Queensland Police Officers will be armed with the ‘MkII DroneGun’.

The bazooka-style DroneGun, made by Sydney-based DroneShield, was used by the Swiss police force at the World Economic Forum in Davos last year.

It looks like a rifle, but instead of bullets, shoots an invisible radio signal which disrupts the communication between a drone and its pilot.

The device has a range of up to 2km and also cuts video transmission from the UAV to the drone’s pilot.

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“Lost link protocol” for most drones is called failsafe which default setting is either drop out of the sky within 2 seconds or fly in the same direction it was going when contact was lost. Return to home functions and or land on the ground safely are only featured on drones flying with gps and even then return to home has to be reset every time it’s used at a new location or it will fly in the direction of the last location “home” was set. Not a good idea at all!!!