Police arrest 80 drink-drivers as part of Christmas blitz

Queensland Police are on a mission this Christmas, to crack down on drink-driving across the state.

Already since midnight on December 23, 80 drink drivers have been arrested around Queensland, as part of a police blitz to stop drivers putting other at risk on our roads.

Along with that 29 drug drivers were also arrested.


Police have released the data today, saying that more than 5,500 random breath tests were conducted over the last two days.

Of them, the highest reading was allegedly 0.230, in a 49-year-old man pulled over in Nambour on Wednesday.

It’s all part of the ‘Christmas Road Safety Campaign’ which kicked off on December 9.

Police are reminding motorists not to get behind the wheels after a couple of drinks over the festive season, with the blitz to continue.

Here’s some footage of the intercepts so far.