Police assaulted by teens after RBT turns violent

UPDATE: One male senior constable has a broken nose, while two other male senior constables have sprained wrists/hands.

One teenagers was charged with affray, assault police occasioning actual bodily harm, assault police and resist arrest.

While the other two were charged with affray, assault police and resist arrest.


They were all conditionally bailed and will appear in court on the 20 and 21 January 2016.

EARLIER: Three teenagers have been arrested after three patrol officers were assaulted while conducting random breath testing at Blacktown on New Year’s Eve.

Officers pulled over a car for a random breath test around 2am on Thursday, when they saw the vehicle had exceeded it’s passenger limit.

Police then issued an infringement notices to the driver, a 17-year-old p-platter.

It will be alleged the driver became agitated and threw the ticket back at police before he was arrested.

As the driver was being arrested, it will be alleged the three occupants of the Toyota Tarago assaulted the male senior constable.

Further altercations occurred with other officers who came to their colleague’s aid.

The male passengers, aged 18 and 16, were also arrested.

All three were taken to Blacktown Police Station where they continue to assist with inquiries.

The three male senior constables were taken to Blacktown Hospital for precautionary medical checks.

One of them is being assessed for suspected facial fractures. Their injuries are not considered life threatening.

Inquiries are continuing.

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What gives any person, let alone youth the right or presumption they can assault police??? I am lost for words as our police are enforcing our laws and I understand yes they are in harms way but you can bet if any of these young men were a victim of a crime they’d be the first to dial 000.
Their parents should force – yes force these young adults to apologize without reservation and ensure they accept any and all punishment dealt. Our courts should ensure, with mandatory backing, a conviction is recorded regardless of any sorry/poor me excuse a lawyer will come up with. This can only be the start of a deterrent as, even as young people they have to take responsibility regardless.and any future employer

Cont…. Any future employer or even country they may choose to travel to should be aware these young adults are prepared to assault police and defy authority! Life is all about consequences and as harsh as this may sound; we need to protect those that protect us and defy authority.