Police beef up resources at border ahead of more protest action

Police will be out in force at the border today ahead of more planned protest action with those taking part urged to stick to the rules.

It comes as three Gold Coast residents are forced into 14 days of hotel quarantine after stepping into New South Wales during protests last Sunday.

One of those, a 45-year-old Palm Beach woman, has also been fined $4135 by Queensland Police.


Both Queensland and New South Wales Police will have extra resources today after being caught off-guard last weekend.

New South Wales has even brought in the Riot Squad and Mounted Unit from Sydney.

At least six people were charged and dozens more were fined by Police on the Tweed side of the border for breaching the lockdown and gathering in public.

A number of people were also fined by Queensland Police, including a 52-year-old man who rode his horse through the crowd.

Queensland Police are urging anyone taking part to do it peacefully and with COVID rules in mind.

“Whilst the QPS recognises and supports the right to peaceful assembly and protest, those who attend are reminded of restrictions and requirements associated with the CHO Directions.

“Police will take action against any deliberate breach of the CHO Directions with all police action intended to keep our community safe from the further spread of COVID-19.”

Education Minister Grace Grace is calling on people on both sides of the border to refrain from protesting.

“We would urge anybody that now is not the time to protest. Now is the time to do as the New South Wales government has asked them to undertake with regards to restrictions and for Queenslanders, as we know, to do the right thing.”

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