Police blitz nabs thousands of drivers speeding, DUI or using mobile phone

THOUSANDS of drivers have been caught doing the wrong thing during a major police blitz targeting driver distraction and inattention, as well as unlicensed drivers. 

Operation Cold Snap, conducted between June 27 and July 18, also targeted the other Fatal Five of speeding, drink and drug driving, failure to wear seatbelts and driving while fatigued.

Although less than last year, there were thirteen deaths on state roads during the period and more than 850 people were injured.


The operation saw officers conducting over 217,000 random breath tests across the state with 1280 drink drivers detected.

Over 1200 drivers were tested for drugs with 96 positive detections.

Out of 70,000 drivers detected by speed cameras, 14,707 tickets were issued for speeding.

The operation also saw 738 tickets issued for seatbelt offences and 1353 tickets issued for drivers using mobile phones.