Police bring down a drone as Games security is put to the test

Security for the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast has already been put to the test, with Police forced to bring down a drone flying near a Games venue.

While the drone wasn’t breaching an exclusion zone it was still detected and brought down with the use of a special drone gun that allows officers to take control of the machine.

The operator will now be referred to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority with Police warning all drone owners to leave them at home during the Games.


The incident was revealed as Police and Defence showed off some of their might ahead of next week’s event including a RAAF FA-18 Hornet flyover of the Broadwater Parklands.

Almost 2000 Police, 2000 Defence personnel and 4000 security officers will be deployed to protect the Games and the thousands of people visiting venues from next week.

But Deputy Police Commissioner Steve Gollschewski insists people have nothing to fear.

“I have to reinforce that there is currently no specific threat against the Games or against anything in Queensland, ” Deputy Police Commissioner Steve Gollschewski told reporters.

“But of course we live in a probable threat environment so we have to be prepared for the unexpected.”

GOLDOC Chairman Peter Beattie is assuring spectators that they will be protected during the Games.

“The safest place in Australia during the Games is actually in the Games,” Mr Beattie said.

Spectators heading to Games events are being urged to give themselves extra time to get through airport-style screening at venues, and to pack light to avoid delays.

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So the drone wasn’t in an exclusion zone but was taken down anyway? Is that like “they weren’t committing a crime but we shot them anyway”? Sounds like too many toys to tempt the children

Just flexing their might.
Worth noting the restricted airspace isn’t active until after Easter. The sooner these games are over, happier I’ll be and I don’t even have a drone.

The airspace restrictions came into place on 25 March.

Looks like something from Men In Black haha

I very much doubt they can “take control” of a drone. This thing just looks like a signal jammer with a directional antenna. Hopefully he checked that there were no commercial planes in the background before using it.

I believe the “drone gun” scrambles both radio and GPS signals, thus disabling commands from the operator/owner and the return to base command (pre-programmed base location). The drone then cannot be told where to go by the owner and in the absence of other command signal, slowly settles to the ground where it is retrieved by the police … pretty clever bit of kit but then it needs to be given its exorbadent cost ..,

That is a net gun. Fired with air pressure, the net entangles itself around the drone’s propellers and it falls to the floor.

But you don’t really know what it can do do you ??