Police bust major drug ring on the Gold Coast

Police from State Crime Command’s Drug and Serious Crime Group have closed the final phase of a major operation focusing on the trafficking of dangerous drugs including methylamphetamine, cocaine, MDMA and cannabis on the Gold Coast.

Operation Lima Rotor was commenced in June 2013 by the State Drug Squad and focused on drug traffickers operating throughout the Gold Coast and in particular the Surfers Paradise entertainment precinct.

Today’s closure (culminating in raids over the last two days) marked the third phase of enforcement action with previous phases having been conducted in June 2014 and February 2015.


The operation closure incorporated the execution of 30 search warrants across the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast areas.

A total of 13 people have been charged in the last two days with 54 offences including eight charges of trafficking dangerous drugs and 16 charges of supplying dangerous drugs. Small quantities of drugs including methylamphetamine, cannabis and steroids were also seized.

Overall enforcement action undertaken throughout the operation has resulted in a total of 96 people being charged with 432 offences including 24 offences of trafficking dangerous drugs, 47 offences of supplying dangerous drugs, six offences of producing dangerous drugs and five charges of supplying weapons.

Operation Lima Rotor has also resulted in approximately $525,000 worth of drugs including methylamphetamine, MDMA, cocaine, steroids and cannabis being seized. Approximately $244,000 worth of overall drugs seized related to methylamphetamine. One illicit drug laboratory used to manufacture methylamphetamine, a sophisticated hydroponic cannabis growing system, and ten firearms worth approximately $20,000 were also seized. Additionally, about $140,000 worth of assets and cash were seized.

“This has been a very successful long-term operation that will have a major impact on drug distribution networks operating within the Surfers Paradise entertainment precinct and beyond on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

These results are the culmination of over two years of investigations with a number of drug trafficking syndicates being dismantled,” Detective Superintendent Jon Wacker of State Crime Command’s Drug and Serious Crime Group said.

Investigations are continuing and will be ongoing with a number of further arrests expected to follow in the coming weeks.