Police bust sneaky tow truck border breach on the Gold Coast

Police have busted a tradie trying to sneak into the Gold Coast from New South Wales, on the back of a tow truck.

Officers at the Coolangatta became suspicious when they saw a ute on the back of a truck coming through the crossing around 11.30 am yesterday.

Gold Coast Acting Chief Superintendent Rhys Wildman told Seven it was pretty suspicious.


“We actually followed that tow truck and vehicle into Queensland into a back street in Coolangatta and watch that vehicle be unloaded,” Acting Chief Superintendent Wildman said.

The 64-year-old man, who was not permitted to cross the border, was then fined $4,000 and sent back to New South Wales.

Police say they’re aware of multiple instances of border hoppers using tow trucks to sneak in, and have warned they will be more alert to the tactic in future.