Police call out ‘border hoppers’ sneaking from NSW to Qld

QUEENSLAND Police have called out ‘border hoppers’ who have been spotted sneaking across the border from New South Wales into Queensland.

A number of people have been observed walking across unmanned border points in recent days to get around the Queensland Government’s tight border restrictions.

Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said she was “terribly disappointed” to see people breaking the rules and potentially putting the community at risk.


“It’s always that small proportion of the community that sometimes makes this incredibly difficult,” she said.

“I ask that the community cooperates and be compliant and that has been absolutely amazing to date.

“But unfortunately we always have this minority that makes it incredibly difficult not only for police but also the community as well.”

The Commissioner warned officers would be cracking down on those who disobeyed the rules.

“If we don’t intercept you at the point of you hopping across the border, we will be following up on that,” Commissioner Carroll said.

“There is hefty fines involved in this.

“ADF will come along to support us in the next few days, another 120 people. We will put more police on the border to stop this from happening into the future.”

She urged local residents to speak up if they saw someone sneaking over the border.

“Action will be taken on those that are constantly hopping over the border and I ask the community, as they are, to continually report on that as well.”

Another 5000 vehicles were intercepted at the border overnight as part of checks on both normal and heavy vehicles.

199 vehicles were refused entry into Queensland. 17 of those were essential workers who had not yet received their first dose of a COVID vaccine.