Police called after drunk woman allegedly sparks street disturbance

UPDATE: POLICE have arrived on scene of an alleged street disturbance at Mermaid Waters where a drunk woman was reportedly damaging property and threatening passersby.

Officers were called to an address on Rio Vista Boulevard shortly after 9.30pm with reports of a possibly armed drunk woman causing a disturbance.

They’re now on scene investigating and the situation is under control.


EARLIER: POLICE are responding to reports of a drunk woman causing a ‘violent street disturbance’ at Mermaid Waters.

The woman is allegedly strutting up and down Rio Vista Boulevard damaging property and threatening passersby.

Multiple police units are responding with further reports suggesting the woman may be armed.

She has been described as Caucasian, aged in her 20s with brown hair and wearing a white skirt.

There’s no further information available at this time.