Chopper cops receive their ‘wings’

TWO police helicopter crewman received their fully-trained ‘wing’ badges on the Gold Coast today.

Senior Constable Ben Dixon and Senior Constable Chris Smith from Helicopter Support Gold Coast have now attained the status of Tactical Flight Officer.

They will lead crews during various operations across the entire Gold Coast including traffic operations, major event management, drug crop detection, and searches for offenders and missing persons.


Only four wings have been presented since the inception of a Queensland Police Service helicopter.

Police Minister Jack Dempsey said the two Senior Constables demonstrated their capabilities after completing a rigorous regime of training to provide rapid police assistance.

“I wish to congratulate these officers on this recognition and wish them well serving the residents of the Gold Coast,” Mr Dempsey said.

The Gold Coast Police Helicopter will be joined by a second police helicopter based at Archerfield by mid-2014.