Police concerned by the number of break and enters into cars on Gold Coast

POLICE are concerned by the number of unlawful entries into motor vehicles on the Gold Coast over the past month.

In a statement released this afternoone, police said, “the most disappointing aspect of the thefts is that valuables, in particular wallets and handbags are being left in cars making them easy targets for thieves.”

“Thieves are taking the opportunity to steal credit cards from wallets and handbags and then fraudulently use the credit cards through the tap and go feature on multiple occasions at multiple businesses after the theft.


“It is important for members of the Gold Coast community to ensure they properly secure their vehicles and do not leave valuables such as their wallets and handbags containing cash and credit cards inside their car, particularly in plain view.

“Don’t make yourself an easy target for these opportunist thieves. Secure your vehicle and secure your property.”