Police crack down on dangerous hooning activity on northern Gold Coast

A 19-year-old has been charged, after police cracked down on hooning activity in Pimpama recently.

Police had been keeping an eye on council land in the area, following complaints of frequent gatherings involving large crowds and dangerous activity.

On Sunday August 30, an operation was carried out, with Polair used to locate some of the individuals.


Police intervened when theY saw people with children near the ‘reckless and dangerous’ hooning activity.

Everyone was moved on from the site with warnings given, while one un-roadworthy vehicle was left at the site because it wasn’t fit to be driven.

Three people then allegedly returned to the area shortly after, and were issued infringement notices for trespassing.

A 19-year-old Parkwood man was charged with driving whilst unlicenced. He’ll front court on October 1.

Police are warning they will continue to monitor the area closely.

PHOTO | Supplied QPS

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Look at where it is, no where near alot of cars, build more pads, or a place where you can do it without getting in trouble ,

Do you really think those same young people will stick to that? Chances are they would see that as a green light to continue doing it elsewhere. And before you shoot me down for that, I’ve fostered over 20 teenage boys over the years, some of them hoons, and I know how they think at that age. Consequences for actions is what helps kids to mature.

Deke, i believe if more places like this were made available then the number of people doing burnouts on public streets will reduce. I’m not saying it will stop straight away, but eventually it may stop. I used to do this on a regular basis the “saturday night skids” and then myself and a few mates found a spot over near greenbank and we actually stopped going to the Saturday night events. Once council blocked it off we went back to doing it on the streets.

What would the police rather people do it on a secluded pad or on the streets, in my opinion i believe that pad is the better option