Police cracking down on drivers speeding through Coomera Roadworks

Police are cracking down on drivers speeding through roadworks on the Pacific Motorway at Coomera/Upper Coomera.

This specific location is described as an 80km/h zone between exits 57 and 49 on the M1 in both directions as roadworks are taking place.

Officers are now increasing enforcement in the area following numerous complaints from road workers and motorists about speeding and tailgating vehicles.


Officer in Charge of the Coomera Road Policing Unit, Senior Sergeant Peter Liebig said that police are disappointed that motorists aren’t driving to the speed limit in the area which in turn is causing an increase in danger to other motorists and road workers.

“There have been a number of minor crashes since September, but if people continue to speed in the area the risk of a major incident occurring increases substantially,” he said.

“Motorists may not see workers and assume they can speed through the site, but the speed has been lowered as the lane width has been decreased and it is important that a safe speed and distance is maintained through the site to ensure safe driving conditions are maintained and disruptions are eliminated.

“Coomera Road Policing Unit will be increasing speed enforcement in the area, utilising all resources including speed cameras, so if motorists ignore the signs, there is a very good chance they will be getting a ticket in the mail.”

Motorists travelling through the area are reminded to drive to the speed limit and conditions.

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About time too .. !! I drive up and down that stretch of motorway every day and 98% of drivers would ignore the reduced speed limit. Do you think while the police are dishing out tickets they could also give these people a refresher course in road etiquette.

Agree. But the risk adverse decision to have the zone far longer than it needs to be contributes to drivers frustrations. If the zone with reduced speed limit was made to be where the workers are and not for so long after where they are working, the speed limit might be respected more.

I also agree with that. I don’t travel that way daily but my partner does, so I don’t have that frustration. I’m lucky he is one that sticks to the speed too, but it does become frustrating when drivers ignore it. Bothers me every time I see it, no matter where I’m driving.

Speeding and tailgating , aggressive lane changing , headlight flashing , swearing and fist wagging are the things that one has to endure by daring to keep to the limit through there

About time. I wish they’d do it where it’s 80 on Logan Motorway also.