Police cracking down on ‘roof-topping’ craze at Schoolies

The new craze of “rooftopping” and taking dangerous selfies on the top of highrise buildings are the biggest safety fears for this years Schoolies.

School leavers flocking to the Gold Coast to celebrate the end of their secondary education this weekend have been warned to think about the consequences of their actions, which can sometimes be fatal.

Both police and building managers have stated that they will be cracking down on the dangerous stunt of ‘rooftopping’, a craze which sees people scale buildings to capture dangerous selfies.


Inspector Damien Crosby is warning party goers that the craze is in fact an offence and could see you evicted from your apartment building and even prosecuted.

“Rooftopping is a new craze but I would indicate that in previous years we’ve always been concerned about high-risk balcony behaviour.

“I’d be emphasising to young people coming to the Gold coast that it is an offence. If you engage in that type of high risk behaviour you will be detected and you will be prosecuted. A second impact could well be that the accomodation provider will evict you,” he said.

The bizarre and extremely dangerous rooftopping trend emerged last year and has become a global phenomenon.