Police declare ’emergency situation’ in Brisbane

UPDATE at 12:20 PM | POLICE have revoked an emergency situation declared following an incident in Brisbane’s southeast.

The declaration was made shortly after 11am after police were called to an incident in Carrara Street at Mount Gravatt East.

It remains unclear what triggered police to make the declaration.


FIRST at 11:30 AM | POLICE have declared an emergency situation following an incident in Brisbane’s southeast.

While exact details of the incident are not yet known, police are warning people to avoid Carrara Street in Mount Gravatt East.

Officers swooped on the street sometime before 11am and declared an emergency situation under the Public Safety Preservation Act a short time later.

An exclusion zone has been set up, with residents warned to stay in their homes unless otherwise directed by police.

The exclusion zone is bounded by Cavendish Road, Camlet Street, Little Cavendish Road, Boambillee Street, Wunulla Street, Carrara Street and Nursery Road.

No further information was available at the time of writing.