Police “disappointed” at Burleigh crowds but no fines issued

Police have expressed their disappointment at the behaviour of crowds at Burleigh Heads yesterday, warning that it jeopardises a further easing of restrictions.

But they’ve confirmed no fines were issued.

Officers were forced to move on hundreds of people who had gathered on Burleigh Hill for sunset on Sunday.


While picnics and other gatherings are allowed, it is currently only permitted with members of your household or with one other person and social distancing rules still apply.

Locals report similar crowd sizes on Saturday afternoon.

Commissioner Katarina Carroll says the incident at Burleigh has overshadowed the good work of the majority of Queenslanders.

“The behaviour of crowds across the weekend has been absolutely tremendous and then we saw that situation at Burleigh last night,” Commissioner Carroll told Nine.

The Commissioner has warned people not to think about doing that again this afternoon with extra officers to be deployed to the area today.

“We were trying to do the right thing yesterday and asking people to stay apart and the message all along is, if an area is very very busy please move away from there so we can maintain that social distancing .

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Nick Coatsworth says the incident on the Gold Coast is just a small blip and the majority of people right across the country have been adhering to the rules.

“I’m not disappointed at all with those scenes, they’re completely understandable,” Dr Coatsworth told Nine.

“They’re single screen shots from one beach in Australia and they probably don’t reflect what’s going on across every single jurisdiction and I think, by and large, Australians have shown us, by flattening the curve, that we do, as a nation, understand the importance of the what the health advice has been.”


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Don’t tell people they can have picnics and then have a problem with it. Burleigh is known for giant picnics at sunset on that hill. Rules need to be more specific. People were doing what they were allowed to do, and because it’s been so long, many people did it . It’s sad because it puts us all at risk, The rule needed to be much, much more specific



Yes, the rules changed to allow picnics for members of the same family group not all your friends as well.

The rules were specific – picnics are allowed with household members and social distancing still applies. What is not clear about that? Some people think that the rules don’t apply to them – that is the problem.

Some people just don’t get the social distancing. Think it doesn’t apply to them.???

The police needed to fine every single person they had to move on from Burleigh. The only way these idiots understand. Hit thier wallets and then they will adhere to the rules

That’s crap. I was there and did notice easily more than a metre and half between groups. Barely an arms length! Bulls***!

It was a crowd practising social distancing! If you didnt know the people next to you, you were at least 1.5metres distance from each other! #FFS if you have a new ‘crowd number policy’ preach it! WTF!!!

How the f*** can you shut a hill

They have said people can go out now.So the Horse has bolted.Tom and Palasazia wont b able to recall the the old rules.

The poor police making the most of revenue raising while they still can.