Police dish out 146 fines for weekend virus breaches

Police have issued 146 fines across the State to people breaching strict virus rules so far this long weekend with some of the behaviour described as “reckless” and “terrible”.

Queenslanders have now been hit with more than $2.3 million in fines since late March.

A total of 25 fines were issued at the one Gold Coast Airbnb property over the weekend after Police were called to break up a party two nights in a row.


Officers attended the property at Carrara on Friday night, issuing seven men with $1334 fines.

They were called out again in the early hours on Sunday morning, where they issued another 18 fines.

Five of those fined on Sunday had already been fined on Friday.

Police say the majority of those people were visiting the Gold Coast from Brisbane.

Another house party in Brisbane saw a total of ten people fined in one hit.

Commissioner Katarina Carroll says these were blatant breaches of the Chief Health Officer’s directions.

“Disappointingly, those people are really not doing the right thing but in essence most people are trying to be compliant this weekend,” Commissioner Carroll said.

It comes as Police were forced to move on hundreds of people from Burleigh Hill on Sunday afternoon.

Huge crowds gathered ahead of sunset with many breaching social distancing rules.

No fines were issued however extra Police will be deployed to the area to avoid a repeat on Monday.

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Tennis players should be aloud to play Doubles Social distancing no problem always 2metrs apart we should be playing early morning not 10 to 4 singles
Its plain …… We only want to do the right thing but the present restictions are …….

Good money maker… more fines than we’ve had cases of covid means they recoup some costs. This has jack all to do with public safety at this point.

You peanut if one of those people are sick 10 people could get it, keep fining them till you morons get the point.

Yeah because so many have it. There goes another. But buy into the scam.

Ever seen someone trying to gasp for air in a hospital COVID ward.? I have

dispute fines ….Q-ANON will prove plandemic. false …truth to come