Police forced to shoot dog dead after bloodied attack at Qld caravan park

POLICE have been forced to shoot and kill a dog in front of horrified onlookers after it attacked a number of pet dogs, mauling one of them to death, and bit a number of people on the Sunshine Coast.

The incident took place at a caravan park on Parkyn Parade in Mooloolaba just before 2pm on Friday.

According to ABC News, one man tried to subdue the aggressive dog with a shovel but it had little effect.


Police were called and were left with no option but to shoot and kill the “pit bull type” dog. It’s understood they fired three shots at the animal at close range before it died.

The ABC said the dog, which was not wearing a collar or tag, was microchipped which enabled council officers to identify its owner.

The local council is investigating the incident and, if the matter is taken to court, the owner could be hit with a hefty five-figure fine.