Police have intercepted over 50,000 cars at Gold Coast border

Queensland police have ticked over a major milestone at the Gold Coast border, as coronavirus protection measures continue.

There have now been 50,000 intercepts at our border alone, since strict barriers were put in place about a month ago.

More than 1,400 of those have had to be turned away.


Gold Coast Police District Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler says officers have been hard at work since March 27.

“Almost half of all border crossings into Queensland occur here on the Gold Coast, and our officers, along with Australian Federal Police and Australian Defence Force personnel have been working around the clock to safeguard our state,” Chief Superintendent Wheeler said.

“Gold Coast officers have also turned away just over 1400 motorists from entering Queensland who were not exempt under the Chief Health Officer’s Border Restrictions Directive.”

Though he’s assured locals that Gold Coast police are still able to carry out normal duties as well.

“Although police have been working diligently at the border, officers have also been proactive in their core business of detecting and preventing crime.

“Gold Coast police are conducting intelligence-driven and concentrated patrols across our city to ensure the safety of our community and property.

“We see an example of this when Nerang Police on patrol intercept a four-wheel-drive at Highland Park and allegedly discover illegal drugs including amphetamine, ecstasy and cocaine along with $1150.00 of cash.

“A 46-year-old man and a 48-year-old woman are facing numerous drug related offences.

“As part of patrols, local police are also checking in on closed businesses to see if they are secure and as well as businesses that are operating in particularly at night to ensure high visibility.

“A lot of great police work is being done locally here on the Gold Coast to not only prevent the spread of COVID-19 but also to ensure our core business of keeping the community safe remains paramount,” said Chief Superintendent Wheeler.

Watch Gold Coast police in action below.

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Good Work from all these teams.
Yes its their job but are just important as doctors and nurses at this time.
Unfortunately all thec***roaches seem to come out when its quite and take advantage of respectable residents.