Police hunt man over “disgusting” spitting incident at Bunnings

A manhunt is underway in NSW for a shopper who allegedly spat at another man during what police have described as a “disgusting” clash over face masks at a Sydney Bunnings store.

According to State Emergency Operations Controller Gary Worboys, a 51-year-old man was spat on after becoming involved in a confrontation over the wearing of face masks.

It happened at a Bunnings store on the corner of Pennant Hills Road and Phyllis Avenue in Thornleigh just before 7am yesterday.


“I want to highlight an incident that occurred yesterday at a Bunnings store, where a 51-year-old man was chastised by another gentleman about a facemask issue,” Deputy Commissioner Worboys said.

“The man who was doing the chastising decided to spit at that man.”

NSW police said in a statement that the man was waiting to be served when he spoke to another man, who was not wearing a mask.

“Staff intervened and as the man was leaving the store, he spat on the other man,” police said.

Despite scouring CCTV from the hardware store, officers have so far been unable to identify the perpetrator.

“Police inquiries have failed to reveal the identity of that person… But if anyone has any information in relation to that person we would ask them to ring Crime Stoppers,” Deputy Commissioner Worboys said.

“That behaviour is just disgusting. It is not called for. These are difficult times.”

He continued by urging people to avoid becoming involved in heated arguments over face masks.

“If people have an issue that they cannot resolve with some cordial communication between two people, in and around these retail settings, they should ring the police,” he said.

“They should provide that information and the police will follow it up.

“There is no room to act in what is criminal behaviour and spit at a person because you don’t like the answer that you got in terms of a facemask issue.”

In total, 56 PINs were issued across NSW yesterday.

Of those, 26 were $200 infringements for failing to wear a fitted face covering.