Police catch up with misbehaving moped mob

3.10PM: POLICE have intercepted a group of young interstate moped riders who were allegedly seen creating traffic chaos by popping wheelies and driving dangerously through bustling Gold Coast streets.

Multiple calls were made to police throughout the day after the group of more than a dozen riders from NSW were seen intimidating other road users in Surfers Paradise.

At around 2.30pm, several riders had broken from the large pack and were seen popping wheelies while weaving in an out of traffic.


It’s believed police conducting patrols of the area located the mob around 3pm and pulled them over for questioning.

They were given a stern talking to before being let off without charge.

EARLIER: POLICE are on the lookout for a pack of teenage moped riders seen driving recklessly through parts of the Gold Coast this afternoon.

Multiple calls to police indicate that a group of up to 11 youths were allegedly spotted driving dangerously and performing ‘wheelies’ along Marine Parade around 2.30pm.

They were last seen heading towards the Gold Coast Highway.

Police are conducting patrols of the area.

If you spot them, give police a call.