Police identify mystery jawbone found washed up at Kingscliff

Police have solved the mystery of a human jawbone that washed up on the beach at Kingscliff more than nine years ago.

The jawbone was discovered in September 2011 sparking a major Police search and investigation.

But it remain unidentified for years with DNA searches failing to find a match.


Police received a breakthrough in August last year when a ‘familial DNA’ search came up with a possible link to a relative.

That led detectives to a 34-year-old inmate at Goulburn Jail whose DNA was on a database for convicted offenders.

Investigations determined the inmate was the nephew of William Moran, who was lost at sea off the New South Wales north coast more than 40 years ago.

Mr Moran, who was 24 at the time, disappeared when his motor cruiser was hit by rough seas off Evans Head in September 1979.

His wife Philippa was also killed in the tragedy.

“The return of the jawbone to Mr Moran’s family has brought closure after decades of searching for answers,” New South Wales Police said.

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