Police investigate frightening road rage report

POLICE are investigating reports of a heated road rage dispute that escalated into a frightening chase spanning several streets on the Gold Coast this afternoon.

It’s understood a man driving a Subaru first became engaged in a heated dispute with the male driver of a 4WD heading north on the M1 following a minor traffic matter shortly before 2.30pm.

Passersby phoned police after the male Subaru driver allegedly started throwing items out his window towards the 4WD. The driver of the 4WD then reportedly returned fire with items from his car.


The dispute continued between the pair as they exited the motorway onto Smith Street before coming to an end on nearby Greenacre Drive at Arundel.

Both vehicles pulled over when the driver of the Subaru allegedly produced what appeared to be a firearm from the back seat of his car and threatened the driver of the 4WD who sped away from the scene.

There is no further information available at this time.