Police investigate second robbery in Southport street

POLICE are looking in to another robbery in a Southport street, just hours after another man was punched and robbed.

Shortly before 10pm, a 32-year-old man parked a moped outside a convenience store on Owens Lane and walked towards the store.

The man returned to the moped and saw it had been knocked over and observed a man and two women standing next to it.


He told the group he was calling police and he was then punched and kicked repeatedly by the man.

The group ran off with the mans phone and were last seen on Owens Lane.

The man was transported to the Gold Coast University Hospital for treatment of facial injuries and a suspected broken finger.

The man is described as being Caucasian in appearance, around 168cms tall and had a solid build.

He was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and a black baseball cap.