Police investigating whether negligence was a factor in Dreamworld tragedy

Queensland police have addressed the media this morning, saying anyone who contributed to the deaths of the four adults will be held to account.

It comes after a union representing the theme park claims it raised grave concerns 18 months ago, that were reportedly brushed aside.

“We owe it to the deceased and their families, we owe it to the community of Queensland, to get to the bottom of what caused this,” Assistant Commissioner Brian Codd told reporters this morning.


“If and where there is criminal aspects including negligence which warrants being pursued we will do that.”

As investigations into the fatal accident continue, the Australian Workers Union say it went to the state and the owner of Ardent Leisure to express grave concerns for the safety and operation of equipment.

Queensland Secretary Ben Swan claims the union went as far to submit a right-to-information request with the Workplace Health and Safety, but that Ardent rejected it.

Police have also said some of the reporting of the victims had been wrong, and urged the media to refrain from releasing details.

“There’s been reporting of names, and family relationships…can I tell you firstly that some of that is inaccurate,” Assistant Commissioner Codd said.

“I know how interested everybody is in the circumstances of the family.

“This is a real, you know, emotional and a human catastrophe. But I’m not going to compromise the courtesy and respect of the broader families by going into that detail at this stage.”

Investigators returned to the theme park this morning to continue looking into the incident, after officers examined CCTV footage last night.

“We have specialist engineers that will be attending today and will be examining certain componentry that goes with that ride.

“There will be a broad range of things examined – policies, procedures, maintenance schedules – … the make-up of the whole ride itself in terms of compliance,” Mr Codd said.

He said the accident occurred when two rafts collided at end of the ride, around where people disembark.

“… one has flipped backwards and it has caught and tossed some of the people that were on the ride backwards on the conveyor belt,” he said.

“That’s about as much detail as I can go into.”

Dreamworld have been asked for comment.