Police issue timely warning for beachgoers

GOLD Coast police have issued a timely statement, imploring locals and visitors to keep a close watch on their personal belongings when hitting the beach this summer.

With the warmer weather upon us, there are plenty of people heading down to the beach to cool off, and in a statement released this afternoon, police say in some instances, these people are inadvertently becoming victim of property crime.

“Unfortunately, while in the water offenders are targeting valuables and car keys that are left on the beach in bags or wrapped up in towels/clothing,” the statement read.


“If you have formed the intention to visit the beach for a swim, please ensure that all valuables such as jewellery and large sums of cash are left at home in a secure place.”

Police are warning beachgoers to remain vigilant, and to “use your imagination” when it comes to hiding your house/car keys. 

“In relation to your car keys, if you are visiting the beach solo and don’t have anyone who can stay with your property and council lockers are not available where you swim, you may need to use your imagination as to where you can hide them.”

“If you are secreting them in the wheel arch of your vehicle, you may need to rethink that strategy as this little spot is what is known as an ‘international secret’, in other words we all know about it, including the offenders.

“You may want to do something like cutting an empty sunscreen container in half and hiding your keys inside by slipping one of the halves inside the other. Just an idea to get your imagination flowing.”