Police issue warning following spate of break-ins on northern Gold Coast

Residents living on the northern Gold Coast are being urged to secure their homes and vehicles following a spike in robberies in recent days.

It’s understood a number of homes in Coomera were broken into over the weekend, with some break-ins also resulting in cars being stolen.

Coomera Police are now urging residents to lock up their properties in a bid to deter thieves from striking again.


“Thieves are generally opportunistic, with the offenders often entering premises through unlocked doors and windows,” Senior Constable Justeena Clarke and Constable Siobhan Rhodes said.

“Some offenders are prepared to enter premises to quickly grab keys left in easily accessible spots. Vehicles stolen in burglaries are mostly being used to commit other crimes, including other burglaries.”

Police have provided a number of hints to reduce the risk of someone breaking into your home or vehicle:

  • Always lock your vehicle, including the boot, sunroof and remember to close all windows.
  • Remove all valuables and personal belongings including documents when leaving your vehicle anywhere.
  • Remove keys, garage remotes etc when leaving your vehicle, even if it is just for a short time.
  • Don’t hide spare keys on the vehicle – thieves know where to look.
  • Take your vehicle keys with you if you are going out, even if you are leaving your vehicle at home.
  • Don’t leave vehicle keys lying around on tables, benches, bed side tables or key hooks – keep them out of sight.
  • When parking your vehicle in the garage, ensure both the vehicle and garage are locked, keeping your vehicle keys and garage remote in a secure place.